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Light it up

Posted by David Hutto on

Usually, when most people go to light a candle, they tend to tilt the jar. We are against this because whichever method you are using to light your candle, whether it be a lighter or match, you should never tip the jar. Tipping the jar can cause soot buildup from the light source (lighter or match) and can burn the wax as you are are attempting to light our Eco friendly wax coated cotton wicks.

We suggest using a longer tipped lighter, like the ones you see on sale during barbeque season. This lessens the chance of you leaving soot marks on the glass or across the wax altering the color. this longer tipped lighter makes it easier to just light the wick and not burn the wax.

Now you may be thinking, “Isn’t the flame from the wick touching the wax?” in this case regarding candles, not exactly. The wax melts under the heat of the flame that is burning the wick. The melted wax is then sucked up into the wick causing it to vaporize from the heat, and from there those vapors burn off.

Our wax is 100% Eco-friendly Soy Wax which is clean burning with added fragrance oils for a stronger scent throw and longer burn time.

We recommend trimming the cotton wicks down to less than a quarter of an inch before lighting. Some of our candles come pre-trimmed, while others come with a lengthy curled wick. Before relighting your wicks, make sure to trim off the charred/burned portions to reduce creating a mushrooming effect with an excess of soot.

When you first light your candle, the burn time should reflect the diameter of the jar. So if you purchased our larger jars, it’s expected that the first time you burn your newest Smelly’s candle, is 4 hours. This is due to the need to burn completely across the top of the candle to ensure and even burn for future lightings.

Our candles are handmade here in the USA with ingredients made in America. None of the ingredients we use are made with harmful or banned chemicals. Our wicks are lead-free, and 100% cotton with a thin wax coating.

Every candle and melt we make is triple scented with premium fragrance oils. Mixed with our 100% Soy Wax, the scent throw will amaze you!

Every candle we make is hand poured or hand crafted with love and care.